Tuesday, March 23

Shock Me Like an Electric Eel

* inspiration to shop *
I saw this dress in Emanuel Ungaro's 2007 Spring collection

The colour is beyond amazing.
MAC 'electric eel'

I waited anxiously in anticipation all week.

For seven days, I left varsity late and went to bed early, just to speed time up so that Sunday could arrive quickly. I bought the new ELLE and devoured it's pages, frantically searching for perfections before my special day: Sunday. Throughout the week I planned meticulously, there was a schedule and I intended to stick to it. Proper shopping is an event one must plan strategically for it is a holy day.
It is the day your father decides to take you out to shop till you feel bad for him or alternately, can't carry no mo'.
Finally Sunday arrived and any aforementioned plan, schedule or whatever got trampled on at the V&A waterfront in my over-eager stampede to accumulate pretty things, things I fell in love with on the spot. I've got the worst case of impulse shopping like ever; I mean, I got electric blue eye shadow and electric blue liquid liner from MAC so I randomly bought a small electric blue wardrobe to compliment it (the MAC man gave me the liner for free because he is the best MAC man in the world). Some how I managed to go perfume mad when I walked in to Edgars, Allure by Chanel, Gucci by Gucci, Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Eau Mega by Viktor and Rolf (Conceptual geniuses- see their recent show March 6) are amazing.

Things you all should also put in your special day shopping bag and shops you should visit:

* La Senza underwear. They're having cool specials at the mo. Their slipper pumps are adorable
* The new fragrance by Viktor & Rolf (nom nom) Eau Mega. My fave scent at the mo.
* Gucci by Gucci. Get it cause the bottle is too cute.
* MACs new bright & bold colours. Electric Blueness*
* Country Road is having a 50% off sale.
* (Cult)ure has some cool eclectic stuff. Think clowns.
* Slate. Vintage clutches.
* Democratic Republic. Speechless * everything.

Gucci by GUCCI

Viktor & Rolfs. 6 March 2010. "A spectacle"


  1. I love your blog! love your writing style!! love love love love
    and i also have electric blue mac shaddow and liner haha. its addictive! u should get blue mascara to go with it looks so cool.
    anyway thought i would send u some fan mail
    X x * aishee

  2. Ah Aishee, thank you!

    I have the mascara too haha I am a MAC fanatic I want to eat it - it all looks so fab.

    Many smiles

    Ps: Everybody loves a bit of fan mail... I love yours too :))