Thursday, February 3

Friday, October 29

A Post for My Douchebags

I’ve been living in my journal lately. These are a few snippets from my most intimate & favorite thing.
A photograph I salvaged from the debris of the fire

Prints I made way back in first year (etching on copper plates)

First year pinhole photography project

The horse I leased before my darling grey thoroughbred :)

Duane Michaels

I repainted this work by Wayne Barker from his exhibition Super Boring... I was pretty super bored

Another fantastic Duane Michaels work

Tuesday, October 12

A Rebel & A Runner

I’m a zoo when it comes to handling money- currency and I, we don’t see eye to eye. I think money’s stupid anyways.
Why can’t I just have everything?
I’m all for the notion of bartering goods for goods (and replacing cars with horses) - there are too many things in the world already- let’s just swap stuff? So, with my dad knowing my sentiments regarding the matter of cash- Upon starting my varsity career we had a little agreement. Instead of tempting my itchy shopping habit and paying in a monthly allowance like parents do for most kids, my dad transfers a certain amount into my bank account every single bloody day, so that I’m literally forced to buy what I need. See, there are many things I put before the bare necessities, mostly miscellaneous rubbish I’ll never use, pens, jewellery.
But! I’ve found a loop hole-
Thank God for those.
I came up with this ingenious plan:
I sacrifice food for up to three or four days and use the stashed cash to fund my habit (I can’t tell my dad I do this. I’m a disappointment of a child. I am both deeply ashamed and smug about my sneaky sneaky).
So on the shopping front, life is good.
I guess I’m a little hungry, but aren’t we all?
Latest acquisition:

Stumbled into Wardrobe on Kloof Street the other day, fell heels over head in love
(cause, falling head over heels in love is kinda just like, well… standing).
Got this short white lace jumpsuit & yet another Pierre Cardin clutch, this one is reminiscent of the Chanel 2.55 (my dream bag).

Tuesday, March 23

Shock Me Like an Electric Eel

* inspiration to shop *
I saw this dress in Emanuel Ungaro's 2007 Spring collection

The colour is beyond amazing.
MAC 'electric eel'

I waited anxiously in anticipation all week.

For seven days, I left varsity late and went to bed early, just to speed time up so that Sunday could arrive quickly. I bought the new ELLE and devoured it's pages, frantically searching for perfections before my special day: Sunday. Throughout the week I planned meticulously, there was a schedule and I intended to stick to it. Proper shopping is an event one must plan strategically for it is a holy day.
It is the day your father decides to take you out to shop till you feel bad for him or alternately, can't carry no mo'.
Finally Sunday arrived and any aforementioned plan, schedule or whatever got trampled on at the V&A waterfront in my over-eager stampede to accumulate pretty things, things I fell in love with on the spot. I've got the worst case of impulse shopping like ever; I mean, I got electric blue eye shadow and electric blue liquid liner from MAC so I randomly bought a small electric blue wardrobe to compliment it (the MAC man gave me the liner for free because he is the best MAC man in the world). Some how I managed to go perfume mad when I walked in to Edgars, Allure by Chanel, Gucci by Gucci, Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Eau Mega by Viktor and Rolf (Conceptual geniuses- see their recent show March 6) are amazing.

Things you all should also put in your special day shopping bag and shops you should visit:

* La Senza underwear. They're having cool specials at the mo. Their slipper pumps are adorable
* The new fragrance by Viktor & Rolf (nom nom) Eau Mega. My fave scent at the mo.
* Gucci by Gucci. Get it cause the bottle is too cute.
* MACs new bright & bold colours. Electric Blueness*
* Country Road is having a 50% off sale.
* (Cult)ure has some cool eclectic stuff. Think clowns.
* Slate. Vintage clutches.
* Democratic Republic. Speechless * everything.

Gucci by GUCCI

Viktor & Rolfs. 6 March 2010. "A spectacle"

Monday, March 15

T h e B l o w

Probably one of my all time fave bands from over the past two years.

If you like them too, then you will like:
*Tender Forever
*Bear in Heaven
*Empire of the Sun
*Neon Indian
*Florence + the Machine
+ + T h e B l o w + +

Thursday, March 11


Extracts from my journal

When I Close My Eyes I Can See for Miles

Tuesday, February 16

Will Work For Art

Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art - Andy Warhol

My resolution for this year was to maintain an Andy Warhol-esque work ethic. Every commission Warhol was offered, he took without hesitation; in turn he made numerous connections in and around the ever moving, undulating art scene. Andy Warhol was never stagnant, never static, always genius.

I adopted this proactive attitude just before the new year (saying yes to every opportunity I got to work, be active and constructive) after reading The Philosophy of Andy Warhol : (From A to B and Back Again). I got a job for the first time in my life (ever). I sold jewelery; hardly an art, hardly anything particularly challenging or significant/life changing. However, I did meet some really amazing people (work colleagues) and managed to buy a load of gorgeous pieces at half price which is fabulous.

During the last two months I've had my plate full with a big commission to paint a giant three panelled painting, design a logo for a financial portfolio website and also, I have my mind preoccupied with the Infecting the City arts festival which started on Monday.

A group of about 27 of us Michaelis art students have the incredible honour of performing in one of Cape Town's prominent art festivals. ((( More about us at ))) Our performance takes place T O D A Y ... I am excited, I mean how many students get to do awesome things like this. How many students get to go to school only to run around Commercial Street and perform, then chill on the grass and smoke cigarettes at varsity, drink obscene amounts of coffee while building a home for dead cockroaches and then go home and sleep? Not many I'll have you know, not many.

I feel a little overwhelmed by this week. The painting is due next weekish, I have to shoot in studio tomorrow for my photography prac (being a third year photography student and all), build a set, collect more cockroaches, decide on 8 compositions and a solid narrative, resume infecting the city on Friday and Saturday again, squeeze in quality time with boyfriend, friends and bed.

Some photographs from last years collective I performed in. Pics by Niklas Zimmer.

Saturday, December 5

Butterflies for Ricki

You search for them, like little pieces of euphoria.
They’re symbolic of infatuation and come and go in inconsistent flurries.
When you look for them they’re intangible and elusive.
Yet when least expected they flutter by and stay indeterminably.

Such understated beauty, built tediously by caring and meticulous hands, such a fragile thing. Don’t touch too hard, they’ll break and don’t hold too tight or you’ll tear a wing.
So abundant when you’re young, you used to see them everywhere all the time.
Now they’re rare and valuable, I hardly see them anywhere anymore.

Timeless, as a young girl’s favorite thing: always and forever a symbol of being in between.

Wednesday, January 14

Too Much Nothing

I had to part with my beloved car yesterday, said a sad, lingering goodbye. I cried a little, as I handed my keys over to the rather beautiful green eyed service provider man. Anyways, I get her back tomorrow, no sweat.

After hearing an oldie from Kings Of Leon.... Four Kicks (aha shake heartbreak) I've been having visions---> LEOPARD PRINT headbands, cigarette smoke, stale beer, porno moustaches, aviators, wife-beaters displaying an abundance of wirey chesthair and short, short man-pants. I WANT THE 60s 70s and 80s back!! Keep the 90s, I've had my share of Pokemon and exceptionally bad hair days. Ramble ramble.
Just for kicks:

Four Kicks...

Huffman don't take no nonsense
He's here to rectify
He's got his black belt buckle
And the red man's fire in his eye

You with your switchblade posse
I'll get my guns from the south
We'll take to the yard like a cockfight
Four kicks whose strutting now

This party is overrated
But there ain't shit else to do
She's a lovin' on the boy from the city
I'll be lovin' him under my shoe.

Love adore KISS that song, so much, it's pretty.

Gah, saw this girl today, I wish I could just paint a picture of how stunningly perfect she looks-- Like an exotic princess girl-- eyes like Jasmine from Aladdin... Long black wavy hair... Cupids lips... Square jaw of note... Button nose... Tan skin... Beauty. Couldn't help but stare helplessly, unfair I tell you, Grrr.