Wednesday, January 14

Too Much Nothing

I had to part with my beloved car yesterday, said a sad, lingering goodbye. I cried a little, as I handed my keys over to the rather beautiful green eyed service provider man. Anyways, I get her back tomorrow, no sweat.

After hearing an oldie from Kings Of Leon.... Four Kicks (aha shake heartbreak) I've been having visions---> LEOPARD PRINT headbands, cigarette smoke, stale beer, porno moustaches, aviators, wife-beaters displaying an abundance of wirey chesthair and short, short man-pants. I WANT THE 60s 70s and 80s back!! Keep the 90s, I've had my share of Pokemon and exceptionally bad hair days. Ramble ramble.
Just for kicks:

Four Kicks...

Huffman don't take no nonsense
He's here to rectify
He's got his black belt buckle
And the red man's fire in his eye

You with your switchblade posse
I'll get my guns from the south
We'll take to the yard like a cockfight
Four kicks whose strutting now

This party is overrated
But there ain't shit else to do
She's a lovin' on the boy from the city
I'll be lovin' him under my shoe.

Love adore KISS that song, so much, it's pretty.

Gah, saw this girl today, I wish I could just paint a picture of how stunningly perfect she looks-- Like an exotic princess girl-- eyes like Jasmine from Aladdin... Long black wavy hair... Cupids lips... Square jaw of note... Button nose... Tan skin... Beauty. Couldn't help but stare helplessly, unfair I tell you, Grrr.


  1. Jared is so beautiful ^-^
    but i like Caleb better.

  2. eek so true :D Caleb is yummy!!
    I hope they release a new album asap!